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School's Cool!
A Debbie's Unit Factory theme unit written for Kindergarten to grade one children. This unit is designed to help your students learn about their school and develop self esteem. It is designed to introduce children to their school surroundings by providing, fun, hands-on activities that promote learning, discovery and a sense of belonging.

School's Cool! Connect The Dots
Get a free Math activity your class will have fun doing. Students count on from 1-20 to make a picture.

School's Cool! Connect The Dots PDF Version
Download a PDF version.

Totally Cool School
A theme unit written for grades 2-3. Students will learn about their school while developing self esteem and completing higher level thinking activities. This unit reinforces skills and introduces new ones. Students will learn about their school and classmates by completing fun, hands-on activities.

Totally Cool School Word Puzzle
Get a free Word Puzzle for your class.

Totally Cool School Word Puzzle PDF Version
Download a PDF version.

Sites You Can Use In Your Classroom & Kid Sites

100th Day of School Homepage
Lots of interesting ideas for day 100.

Day 100 Ideas
More ideas for the 100th day.

A collection of ideas for celebrating 100 days of school.

Table of Contents--January
Here is a collection of crossword, math, language and word search puzzles to print and solve.

Games & Puzzles
Here is a collection of crossword, word search, mazes and concentration games to play. Most of the games require Shockwave.

Welcome to La LA Land - A Place For Interactive Fun
This site has interactive puzzles to solve.

Kidz Rule: K-12 Resources
This site has a collection of games (some interactive) for children in grades K-6.

FUNBRAIN: Educational Kids Games Many thanks to Dean for this link.
This is an excellent site for children. You will find educational, interactive games that test math and language skills. Children will have fun while learning.

Classroom Connect's Teacher Contact Database
Here is a searchable database of teachers looking for E-mail buddies and using the Internet in their classroom.

!!! Planet English -- Learn English, ESL, EFL, TESOL, for Students and Teachers
This is a site where ESL students and teachers can communicate with one another throughout the world. There are also lists of books on ESL.

Fun Kid Links
Good collection of links from science, farm, disney etc.
This site has many early childhood games and activities. There are alphabet and number games, connect the letters, concentration games, opposite challenges, jigsaw puzzles and much, much more. This is a good site for students. 

Kid's Corner * Oasis Telecommunications, Inc.
Make a puzzle by moving the puzzle pieces around until they fit. Play Hangman and have your art work displayed.

Ben & Jerry's Fun Stuff
This site has arts & crafts to make complete with patterns to print. You will also find games to play.

The Theodore Tugboat Online Activity Centre
Enjoy the interactive stories, learn about the characters from this popular children's television show, colour some pictures and get more links to exciting children's sites by visiting Berit's Best Sites For Children.

Kids' Capers
A collection of links on the web for children. The list is long and there are no descriptions but there are some interesting sites. Included are the Muppets, Spiderman, Casper to name just a few.

Students can play such Interactive games as Connect 4, Hit Me and Master Mind. There are contests and prizes to be won and lots of links for children.

The Sugar Bush
At this site children can post their art work, get instructions for crafts and recipes and go on 3 different treasure hunts. The treasure hunts send children from one Internet link to another. The children have hints for what they are searching for. A neat idea to help your children become familiar with the Internet and the art of surfing.

Kids' Crambo
Kids can play rhyming word games here.

Japan Window - NTT Multimedia Communication Laboratory
Learn about Japan at this site. You can choose a language and learn the symbols for specific words. There is also an arts & crafts section where you can learn origami.

Idea Box - Early Childhood Education and Activity Resources
This is an excellent site for early childhood ideas. There are craft ideas, songs sung to familiar tunes, stories, recipes, pen pal lists for children and adults, games and much, much more.

This is an excellent site for children 2-8 to visit. When you click on the Little Explorers link children are brought to an online dictionary. When they choose a letter of the alphabet a full screen complete with pictures pertaining to that letter and a link on the web for each picture is available. A great way to introduce young children to the concept of surfing the web. Check out all the other many links available.

Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
What child doesn't love Dr. Seuss? You can play interactive games at this site and get projects to print and finish..

PonyShow's Kids - Home Page
There are interactive puzzles and places where children can post their very own art work. There are also book reviews, recipes, arts & crafts ideas and much more.

Story Creations
Personalize a story about yourself or your child to read and enjoy.


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