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Pirate Links

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Famous Pirates     Pirate Stories & Songs
Women Pirates

Pirate Ship

Lesson Plans

A Pirate's Life!
A treasure chest of pirate facts and activities. This theme book is written for grades K-3 and includes everything you ever wanted to know about Pirates.

This Pirate Song 
Learn a fun song about pirates.

This Pirate Song PDF Version
Download a PDF version of the song.

Debbie's Unit Factory - Quiz Machine!
Two interactive Pirate quizzes providing immediate feedback for your enjoyment. You can choose between A Piece of Cake or Bring It On for those who really know their pirate trivia.

A Pirate Spelling Bee
This is a fun game to play in your classroom. It is an updated version of the Spelling Bee based on a Pirate theme.

At this site you will find an outline for kids to follow when searching for various pirates on the web. There are activities for the children to complete.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Links

N.C. Dept. of Cultural Resources - Shipwreck Found
Read all about the ship believed to be Blackbeard's.

Learn about some famous pirates here. There is information written about Samuel Bellamy, Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Henry Morgan, Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

Privateering Homepage Canadian flag
Here is a homepage designed around Canadian privateers.

Piece of Eight's Pirate's Den
At this site you will find links to Pirate games and lots of pirate information.

Here is a pirate site with some good links to follow.

Oak Island
A must for any pirate enthusiast. Learn about the mysterious Oak Island and all the gold and treasure it has to offer.

Pirate Image Archive 
Here you will find black and white images of pirates, ships, battles, forms of punishment and pirate fun.

Normal Page  Many thanks to Lance & Christine for this link.
This pirate site has many links to Pirate info on the web. Under the Ports O'Call On The Internet section-Buccaneers Of Old you will find info on Grace O'Malley or Granuaile, Anne Bonny, Blackbeard, Captain Morgan, William Dampier and Jean Lafitte to name just a few. Check this site out as it has lots to offer!

Baltimore 1998 Worldcon  Many thanks to Lance for this link.
Here you will find an extensive list of pirate related links.

Pirates! @  
Here's a pirate site from National Geographic.

Pirates at the City Art Centre 
Read about a list of famous pirates and their lifestyles. This site has info on pirate weapons, treasure, maps and history.

A little bit of history on Blackbeard, Bartholomew Roberts, and Anne Bonny is included here. You will also find colour pictures of weapons, Jolly Rogers and pirate ships.

The Islands of The Bahamas/Pirates 
Information about Blackbeard and pirate life can be found here.

Pirates Homepage 
Read some pirate stories and limericks. Take an online pirate quiz and read about some famous pirates.

Scurvy Dogs 
This has lots of information about pirate life and discusses such pirates as William Kidd, Blackbeard, Black Bart and Calico Jack.

Pirate Ship

Famous Pirates

Women Pirates

Anne Bonny's Home Page
Lots of information about Anne Bonny can be found here.

Granuaile/Grace O'Malley
Here is some information on Grace O'Malley.

Famous Pirates

Blackbeard's Homepage
Learn all about Blackbeard and his famous ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Great Characters of New Orleans: Jean Lafitte
Learn about Jean LaFitte at this site.

Sir Francis Drake's Lost Harbor Found at Whale Cove, Oregon
At this site you can learn about Sir Francis Drake.

William Dampier
Read all about William Dampier here.

Kidds Island
Learn about Captain Kidd and his buried treasure.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Stories & Songs

Read an interactive pirate adventure.


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