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The Inuit


Polar Bears


North Pole Links

Lesson Plans

A Visit To The North Pole
Learn all about the humans and creatures that inhabit the Arctic region. This theme unit is written for grades K-4 and studies the Inuit people and their lifestyle and the animals that inhabit the North Pole.

North Pole Language Card
Get a free lesson activity about polar bears in captivity.

North Pole Language Card PDF
Download a PDF version.

Everything Alaska / Free Stuff / Printable Alaskan Coloring Book
This page has pictures of Arctic animals you can print and colour.

cool colouring
Here are four pictures to print and colour on an Arctic theme.

Alaska History Toolbox
Here you will find a wealth of information on Alaska. There is information on the history of Alaska, Klondike fever, famous Alaskans, lesson plans and much more.

Look Up and Dream: Above and Beyond Backyard Science
Here are six lesson plans designed for use with upper elementary students. These lessons take into consideration history and stories and legends of the native people.

Activities & Resources
This page has lesson plans on various subjects relating to the Arctic.

This site has an interactive quiz to test your knowledge on the Arctic.

Blubber Mania!
Use this lesson plan to learn how Arctic animals keep warm. There are also links to other lesson ideas.

Buried in Ice
This is a lesson plan for grades 4-6 based on a book called Buried In Ice: The Mystery Of A Lost Arctic Expedition.

Here is a collection of 5 lesson plans for grades 4-7 based on the Iditarod.

The Klondike Gold Rush: Curriculum Materials for the History of the Pacific Northwest in the Washington Public Schools
This site has lesson ideas, history and information on the Klondike gold rush. :
Here is a word search to print and solve.

Concentration things
Here is a game where students match animals and learn all about their habitat.

Arctic Nutrition
Learn how Arctic explorers survive in the cold.

Arctic Survival
Learn how explorers keep warm in the cold Arctic tundra.

Build An Igloo
This lesson plan gives instructions on how to build an igloo.

How Much Tundra To Feed A Caribou?
This lesson plan is about caribou and the balance of nature.

This is a lesson plan on permafrost.

Education Center Activity: Polar Adventure
Using Internet resources students make a time line or write articles about the North Pole. This lesson is for grades 4-6.

The Inuit

Ethnographic Portraits - The Inupiat Eskimo of Arctic Alaska
Learn about the history and culture of the Inuit people.

While this site is basically set up to sell Inuit art it is an excellent display to look at. Students can get a taste of Inuit art by looking at the scanned photographs of different pieces.

Yamada Inuit/Inuktitut WWW Guide
This site has links to the Inuit language and culture and many other languages spoken around the world.


Reindeer / Caribou
Tons of information is provided here on reindeer. Your students will find plenty of useful information and will learn all about reindeer.

Hannover Zoo Animal A-Z: Reindeer
Learn about the reindeer here.

Learn about the caribou at this site and the importance this animal has to the Arctic people.

Polar Bears 

Polar Bears - by "THE BEAR DEN"
What a great resource of information for your bear unit! All types of bears are listed including the polar bear for your North Pole theme.

GeoZoo: Polar Bear (Ursus maritiums)!
Here you can learn about polar bears and their habits.

Polar World, A place where Polar Bears can live in peace with their Polar Bear friends
At this site you can look at photos of polar bears, solve word search puzzles and learn about this great bear.


This site has information on the muskox.

The North Pole

This site has information on animals found in the Arctic. Some of the animals written about are: the arctic fox, hare, caribou, muskox and polar bear.

PEARY, Robert Edwin
Learn about Robert Peary, a North Pole early explorer at this site.

CMCC - Life and Art of an Ancient Arctic People
View pictures with descriptions of art from the ancient Arctic people.

Arctic Circle
Read about the history of the Arctic people, land claim issues and natural resources found in the Arctic.

Unbearably Cool homepage
Visit this site to learn about animals of the Arctic, get some colouring pages, find a pen pal and read some myths and legends of the Arctic.

Learn about the people and land of Nunavut.

The Northern Lights
Learn about the northern lights and view a quicktime movie.

Arctic Archaeology
Here you will find information on the Arctic complete with colour photographs of the wildlife and land.

Yukon - Just Kids
Test your knowledge of the Yukon with this quiz and learn all about this territory. Have fun doing the puzzles.

Leo Ussak Elementary School
Visit a school in Canada's Arctic. This site is set up with frequently asked questions about the North and has newsletters on line both in English and Inuktitut.

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