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Ant Links

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Ant Links

Specific Ants


Ant Stories

Lesson Plans

Amazing Ants
A Debbie's Unit Factory adventure in environmental awareness. This theme book is written for grades K-3 and has everything you ever wanted to know about ants in it. Your students will have fun while learning about the environment and the world around them.

Amazing Ants Science Card
Get a free science activity about ants. Food Fit For An Ant is a science experiment that children in grades K-3 can complete.

Amazing Ants Science Card PDF
Download the PDF version.

Insect Songs
At this site you will find a collection of insect songs sung to familiar tunes. Young children will enjoy learning these songs.

CISEO Homepage
This site uses insects in twenty different integrated lesson plans for grades K-3. You will find lesson plans, rearing sheets that tell you how to take care of insects and lots of information on insects.

Insects in the Classroom - Course Material
Here is a collection of books about insects, songs sung to simple tunes about insects, how to make an insect collection and ant farm.

Language Arts K-3
Here is a lesson plan for grades K-3. Students think of things from an ant's point of view and then write the human translation.

Language Arts K-3
Students compare ant fables and stories using a venn diagram. This is a lesson for grades K-3.

The Bug Club Pen Pals Page
Interested in finding e-mail pals around the world that are studying insects? Visit this page for a listing.

University of Kentucky Department of Entomology
This site tells teachers and parents how to go about collecting insects and teaching about them.

Bugs' Bodies 
This is a critical thinking lesson plan for grades 6-7. Students make a model of a bug from their own perceptions and then through research alter their model correctly.

Science Center Lesson - Insect Study
Here is a lesson plan on insects for grades 2-3. An insect's life cycle and body parts are the main emphasis.

Science Center Lesson - Design Your Own Insect
This lesson plan allows the children to learn about an insect's body. Written for grades 2-3.

Entomology for beginners
A very basic site about insects. Great for primary grades. Children will have fun clicking on the different body parts of the insect.


Specific Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants HYG-2063-94 

Lots of information about the Carpenter Ant is provided here. A good resource of information for your ant unit.


Antlion Pit: About Antlions
This is a good resource of information on antlions.

Fire Ants

Fire Ants
This site talks about fire ants.

How Fire Ants Live and Work
Read about fire ants here.

Bull Ants

Pavement Ants

Pavement Ant
This site has information on the Pavement Ant.

Ants Of Costa Rica

Ants of Costa Rica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
This site has information on ants of Costa Rica. You will find species lists and images.

Leafcutter Ants

Ant Exhibition at Harvard University
Fire and Leafcutter ants are discussed here.

Ant Links

Ant Myths
Learn about ants here.

Steve's Ant Farm
Watch a video clip of an ant farm.

Insect-World Front Page
This site has information on a variety of insects including ants. It is appropriate for elementary aged children.

Ant Farm's Reading Room 
Here is a site dedicated to Ants. You will find stories, parables, descriptions of different varieties of ants and images of ants.

Entomology on World-Wide Web (WWW)
This link provides many different locations on the web for insects. This should be your first stop in your search for ants and other insects. 


Ant Stories

The Grasshopper and the Ants: Revised -- Page 1 
Read a fable called 'The Grasshopper And The Ants.'

"How the Ant Made a Bargain" by Karawynn Long 
A folktale called 'How The Ant Made A Bargain' for you to read and enjoy.

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